Our Product


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure, private network that uses the Internet to provide remote offices, or corporate users with exclusive access to that particular network. Serving corporate customers across the Country, our VPN Solution brings reliable and secure communication network through all Internet Connection platforms.

Wireless Internet


Is a type of internet service that utilizes radio signal transmission from a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to deliver a high speed internet access to particular area in its transmission radius. It is the most preferred option for home users. This service available in some packages and custom use.

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Fiber Optic


We are working with properly developes, buildings owners, and operators to expand our high-quality Fiber Optic Infrastructure and provide a high speed internet connections to high-rise apartments, office buildings, and hotels.

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Satellite/VSAT Internet Service


Satellite Internet Solution to keep you on track and connected with your operation team wherever they are. It serves a vast nationwide coverage from cities to every corner of the archipelago. Our satellite technology brings news and peace of mind to our corporate clients in depth of Sumatran jungle, or rural areas in Papua.

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Installment Cost$$$$$$
Monthly Subscription$$$$$$$
SLA (per month)98%99.5%99%
Capacity++ (Limited)+++++ (As Needed)++++ (As Needed)
Maintenance & RepairSite VisitSite VisitSite Visit
Service CoverageMajor CitiesSelected property in major citiesNation Wide
UsersHome & Small-Mid Scale OfficeHome & Small-Large Scale OfficeCorporates & Remote Offices

Customer Support


We provide 24/7 customer service and support with totally understand that customer can be need our help anytime. Our Customer Support Team is consist of experienced and trained personnel that will take care for every complaint. We prepare to respond and solve even the worst technical issues in less than 5 hours after the notification was made.