Handling Process

Customer Service Officer (CSO)
Our trained CSO will guide you step by step through series of basic examination and simple procedure required to identify the source of technical failure.
0-30 minutes

Network Operation Center (NOC)
Our skilled NOC person will run an analysis to check if there is any technical or systematical error in
the central network
30 minutes-2 hours

Technical Support
Based on the NOC recommendation, our technical support team will be assigned to address the specific problem that is occurring.
2-3 hours

Internet Protocol (IP) Team
The Internet Protocol team will immediately run a complete network analysis to identify
the source of trouble.
3-5 hours

Operation Manager
Operation manager will assign the operation team to do a site visit and conduct the required action to
fix the problem.
> 5 hours

Customer Support Center (24/7)
Phone 0817112229