We are a certified Internet Service Provider (ISP) that delivers
reliable Internet solution for thousands of people,homes and
multi-national companies across Indonesia.
Every day, our clients trust our International standard network
infrastructure and technology to keep them in touch.

Coming a long way from our first transmission station in Central Jakarta
to the extent of what we are today, nationwide ISP that covers not just
every city, but every corner of the archipelago.

We do what we do because we understand that communication is vital.
We know the value of time, knowledge and how Internet can change lives. This is what inspires us to make connection more adaptable, reliable and affordable. We take pride in what we do. Yes, we open doors to the world. We make business runs seamlessly and bring people together.

We connect.


To be a leading ISP company that strives to
push the boundaries and provide seamless
Internet services across all communication
platforms with our international standard
infrastructure and services.



To deliver the best customer experience through our
information technology solutions, as well as our actions.
To constantly innovate and improve every aspect of the
company, not only our technology and infrastructure,
but also our people and in how we serve our clients.